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GF: William Troika by SaddlePatch GF: William Troika by SaddlePatch
"While I've been deciphering humanities many questions, I keep forgetting to sit down and figure out the riddle that is my own life..."

William Troika
Age: 27
Lives: San Francisco, CA, USA
Born: Redding, CA, USA
Works: University of San Francisco
Position on Bill Cipher's Wheel (Updated): Tail Feather

William is a young prodigy, having graduated high school at the age of 15 and entered University the same year. He graduated top honors by age 19 and has a masters in sociology and an associate degree in law. He now teaches a small pre-requisite course called "The Art of Deciphering" at the University of San Francisco, while taking on various decoding projects from museums around the world, as well as some from Homeland Security. 
One of his current projects, little known to him, actually revolves around Bill Cipher, a project given to him by the government. Ultimately this leads William to meeting the demon himself. 
However, he is deceived by Bill and ends up having his body possessed by him in order to get close to one Dipper Pines, now an adult and working at the university as a night janitor.
William is forced to watch as the demon takes advantage of his being, and is thrown into the life of Dipper and Aries pines, to which he had no connection with prior. 
Of course when it comes to Bill Cipher, everyone in the end is connected one way or another.

Later on, when Bill Cipher targets Aries, he ends up killing an American Kestrel she saved a few days prior and William uses the dead birds body as a vessel in able to help protect Aries from Bill and becomes a loyal companion and friend.

In terms of personality, Will is very introverted and likes to keep to himself, however he enjoys teaching on a part time basis and is very passionate about his hobby. He has a very small list of friends and prefers outtings that are one on one. 
Intellectual wise, William is very mature, but still has a lot room left to grown up into.
Sometimes Will can be a bit naive and let his hobby take control of his life, which aided in him losing his body to Bill Cipher.
Being an only child of a fairly wealthy family, Will sometimes has a hard time putting others before himself, but that changes as he is forced to watch Bill manipulate the Pines Family, where he grows a round about responsibility to Aries and in some ways, Dipper. (Especially after finding out that he aspired to take his course had he been able to attend college.)

Will's dream is to work for the government in Washington, DC.

But will he ever see that dream to the end? Or will he be forced to stay in the body of a bird for the rest his days?

William's last name means "A group of three" 
William's first name is also the formal way of saying "Bill"


William Troika © SaddlePatch
Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch and Disney
Background Credit to Disney, found here…
geniemoon Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist
Wow he looks real cool!!!! 
Are you going to make a comic??
Does he like Aries?😏
Sry i couldnt help myself
SaddlePatch Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much!

Haha, William is just a wee too old for Aries XD

Currently, he has no love interests, but cares deeply for Aries and Dipper in a platonic way :)

It's been awhile since I've done anything with Return to Gravity Falls, but I may get back to it soon ^W^
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